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Tax Tip:
The turnover and balance sheet limits that define small businesses have been doubled for periods ending after 30 January 2004. So your business could claim increased capital allowances for equipment purchased in the last year if it now qualifies as small.
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As main or joint author

I am the main author or joint author for these works published by the following publishers:

Sweet & Maxwell

    Practical Commercial Tax:Managing Tax Issues in Commercial Transactions; first published in 2007.

    This is a loose leaf work updated twice a year aimed at lawyers and accountants who are not tax specialists, but who want to be certain they have considered all the tax angles when advising their clients on key commercial transactions.

Bloomsbury Professional

As part of the Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annual series:

  • Capital Gains Tax 2010/11
  • Since 2007 I have also updated:

  • Roll-over, Hold-over and Deferral Reliefs 2010/11

ICAEW Tax Faculty

As part of the TAXLine Tax Practice series:

  • Let Property - a brief guide. (May 2006)


As part of Consult CCH workflow

  • Entrepreneurs' Relief
  • Business Asset Roll-over Relief
  • R&D enhanced tax relief
  • In the CCH Tax Digest series:

    • CGT reliefs for business assets. (April 2010)

    In the CCH Payroll Digest series:

    • Relocation Assistance. (September 2003)
    • Employer Compliance Visits. (May 2004)
    • Employee Status. (September 2004)

    Indicator Ltd

    • Profit Extraction
    • Company Cars

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